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little_whinging's Journal

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Mr. H. Potter
The Cupboard under the Stairs
4 Privet Drive
Little Whinging

This community is for a small group of people who are following the reading schedule at read_hp, but who don't have time to wade through 1500 comments a night. You can post on whatever you found interesting in that day's chapters or you can repost theories and comment threads you were intrigued by in read_hp.

We will have a daily post to discuss the chapters on the reading schedule. On Saturday, a more general post will be made to discuss the readings from the previous week, to allow people time to catch up, and to discuss theories that have formed within the group.

1) These is no such thing as a spoiler here, you may assume that every member has read all the books. If you haven't, please don't complain about being spoiled. That said, of course any leaked info is off limits. We all remember what happened with Book 6.
2) USE COMMENT TITLES. If a comment thread veers into new territory, change the title. If it's off-topic [i love your icon!], write OT. I don't think we'll have any crazy comment threads here like in the main community, but if we do, this rule will make everyone's life easier.
3) Be nice. Be interesting. Be smart.